On a Rolle with Ralph

The term nominative determinism is the idea that a person’s name can influence what they do with their life. A horticulturist with the name Gardiner or a bread maker named Baker, for example. So how about Ralph Rolle? Well, this drummer turned cookie baker may have a double case of this determinism; you can bash out a drum roll, and you can roll out cookie dough.

Rolle is no stranger to Ireland, having played to exuberant crowds as drummer for Nile Rodgers’ band Chic. He has also played with Sly and theFamily Stone, Lady Gaga, Sting, and he was the house drummer for New York’s Apollo Theatre for more than 20 years. He will return to Ireland with his culinary cap on this summer, as part of the Electric Picnic’s Theatre of Food line-up, to tell us about his cookie company Soul Snacks CookieCompany (soulsnacksnyc.com).

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