Cookie Lovers 101

Welcome Cookie Lovers!

Are you as excited as we are? Get ready to learn to make dee-licious cookies that you can take right into your kitchen at home. Impress your friends with your new cookie baking skills.


Cookie Lovers 101 focuses on general baking techniques, handling and storage of ingredients, safety and handling, production of dough, proper storage, and cookie preparation in small and large quantities. The workshop will cover the introduction of various ingredients and how they affect the finished product. We will make 2 cookie recipes (3 if time permits) for students to take home.


First and foremost… HAVE FUN!
Learn appropriate terminology used in baking.
Apply good sanitation practices in the kitchen.
Identify equipment and utensils used in cookie baking and discuss proper use and care.
Select ingredients with care to produce high-quality cookies.
And more…
Prepare 2-3 cookie flavors to take home!

Cookie Lovers 101

Opening Time: 08:00 AM Monday

Closing Time: 05:00 PM Saturday

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